Coconut Oil Bath

A Coconut Oil Bath, a new cold winter night favorite for the Coconut Guru Girl as a Winter dry skin remedy. Most of us experience a drying out of the skin as the Winter months grow cold. Dry skin appears less youthful, fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced on the skin. Taking hot bathes at night to warm us up can lead to a drying out of the skin, irritating the problem of Winter dry skin. Regular application of Organic Coconut Oil helps heal and soothe dry skin, but taking a Coconut Oil Bath is like an intensive moisturizing treatment you may do for your hair.

Before you step into the bath liberally apply a generous amount of Organic Coconut Oil all over your body, every part, including your feet. The heat of the water will open up your pores, increasing the absorption of the Organic Coconut Oil and its nutrients into your skin. During your bath, massaging the Organic Coconut Oil into your feet will help to keep your feet pedicure soft, softening any rough dry skin that may be there. During your relaxing Coconut Oil Bath, go ahead and apply some Coconut Oil into your hair, as well. Coconut Oil works as an amazing dry hair conditioning treatment, too. Go ahead and sleep with the Coconut Oil in your hair, washing it out in the morning. You will notice an increase in the manageability of your hair after using Coconut Oil as a deep conditioning treatment for your hair.

After you step out of your Coconut Oil Bath, lightly towel off. Gently massage the remainder of the Organic Coconut Oil into your skin, put on your warm Winter pajamas and relax for the night knowing you will wake up in the morning with the sofest skin you have ever experienced;)

~Peace from the Coconut Guru Girl