Coconut Oil for Face

Coconut Oil for Face

Coconut Oil for Face

We have heard many times from people inquiring about the different uses of Coconut Oil for face treatments and applications. To some, this idea seems crazy.. Oil on the face? One must keep in mind when questioning Coconut Oil for face treatments and applications is how different Coconut Oil actually is from other oils, not all oils are created equally. Anti-oxidant rich Coconut Oil has a very small molecular structure, meaning it has the ability to penetrate the skin rather than just sitting on the surface leaving it feeling oily. Also, the high amounts of anti-microbial lauric acid found naturally in Coconut Oil helps it provide relief from many skin conditions.

Coconut Oil for Face… The many uses:

To start.. all natural Organic Coconut Oil can be used as a makeup remover for the eyes, as well as facial makeup. Scoop up a very small amount into the palm of your hand with your finger tips. If the Coconut Oil is solid, it will quickly melt. For the eyes, simply use pure Coconut Oil as you would any other eye makeup remover and gently tissue it off. For face makeup you would again scoop up a small amount into the palm of your hands and apply it with your finger tips to your face in an upward circular motions. After about 30 seconds the Coconut Oil will have dissolved the makeup so you may lightly tissue it off in upwards strokes. You may proceed cleansing your face with your normal products or you may proceed with the Coconut Oil as your cleanser. Please see our blog post on Cleansing with Coconut Oil.

Nohona Coconut Oil may also be used a facial massage medium. The facial skin highly benefits from light, upward, circular massage movements. Massage helps stimulate the blood flow, helping to eliminate toxins and puffiness. While massaging the facial skin, avoid using your index finger as it applies heavier pressure than your middle and ring fingers do. Your facial skin is delicate and you do not want to do anything which will compromise it’s elasticity.

Organic Coconut Oil for Face is a great facial moisturizer, especially after exfoliation treatments. Coconut Oil’s high content of lauric acid and Vitamin E helps reduce any irritation or calm any sensitivity that may have been caused by the exfoliation treatment. Coconut Oil helps to quickly bring the skin back into its pH state and restore the acid mantle which is the skin’s protective barrier. Pure Coconut Oil also works as an exceptional eye cream. Lightly pat the Coconut Oil with your ring finger along the orbital bone, the skeletal bone surrounding your eye area.

A bonus area many don’t realize that’s actually an extension of your facial skin is the skin of your neck and decollete. This area tends to age just as quickly as the facial skin does, so never neglect it. A generous application of Coconut Oil for face to this area at night before you go to bed will keep your neck and chest area soft and smooth, helping preserve it for years to come.

~Peace from The Coconut Guru Girl