Coconut Oil for Skin Rash

A customer writes in about using coconut oil for skin rash:

coconut oil for skin rash“I thought I’d write in about an experience I had recently using coconut oil for skin rash. I’ve been using a Chinese oil remedy for sore muscles and joints for over a year. It’s imported from Hong Kong and sold all over the mainland. Unbeknownst to me, the online sellers of this product – Po Sum On – actually are not all making the same oil formulation. Because the packaging looks the same, I don’t read the ingredients on each bottle I receive. Buyer beware: this is not a great practice!

“About a week ago, my grandson ran around during a school ‘Move-a-Thon’ for an hour and a half. His shins and sides were very sore by the  time I picked him up. I’d used Po Sum On for sore feet on his body in the past with amazing results. So I applied this analgesic oil to his shins and the sides of his stomach.Unfortunately, this time, he had a nasty reaction to it in the form of a skin rash.

‘Grandma’, he said in his little voice, ‘it’s stinging.’ I said, “let’s give it a minute and see if that goes away.” After about 2 minutes, I asked him if it was still stinging and he said ‘yes’. So we immediately went into the bathroom to wash it off. Unfortunately, it’s oil and didn’t wash off well, even with soap and water and a washcloth. His skin had already absorbed it.

“His skin was bright red – not raised like hives – but washing did nothing for the stinging. He needed immediate relief and I saw the jar of Nohona on the counter. I thought, “what the heck, let’s try this coconut oil for skin rash. Oil removes oil, right?”

“Absolutely right. The coconut oil for skin rash was the perfect solution. It immediately calmed the stinging and relieved his pain. By morning, the rash was gone. Made me wonder how this will work on sunburns this summer…”