Coconut Oil Pink Eye Remedy

A Coconut Oil Pink Eye Remedy may sound ineffective, but I have heard differently of this usage for all natural Organic Coconut Oil. After you have been to the Doctor, received an official diagnosis and received a prescription for your Pink Eye, you may still be suffering from some symptoms of Pink Eye.

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil’s all natural composition contains Lauric Acid which may help reduce inflammation, bacterial and viral growth.  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil’s small molecular structure allows pure Coconut Oil to penetrate quickly into the skin.

Applied to a dampened cotton ball and held against the skin of your closed eyelids, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil has shown to help improve  conditions and soothe symptoms of Pink Eye a.k.a. Conjunctivitis.
Next time you or a loved one appears to have some minor symptoms of Pink Eye.. try utilizing this home Organic Coconut Oil remedy for Pink Eye, you may find it performs a Miracle;)

~Peace from The Coconut Guru Girl