Cuticle Care

Coconut Oil Beauty Benefits

Cuticle Care, Coconut Oil Beauty Benefits


A beauty benefit of Coconut Oil that may be frequently overlooked is Cuticle Care. Once we leave the nail salon, many of us tend to neglect Cuticle Care. Regular application of anti-oxidant rich Coconut Oil to our cuticles not only helps to keep them soft & nourished, but our fingernails actually receive the benefits, as well. You may be thinking, I’m applying Coconut Oil to my skin and hair on a daily basis, aren’t my nails & cuticles getting enough? You may be, but a little extra attention goes a long way…

Cuticle Care, a Beauty Benefit of Coconut Oil

If you are suffering from cracked or split nails, chances are your cuticles may be suffering, too. You may be experiencing hangnails or excessive cuticle growth. The cuticles are actually a form of callous that is generated by your nail bed to help provide protection to the area where the skin and nail beds meet. It’s recommended not to be too rough with this delicate skin. Aggressively pushing back or nipping off too much cuticle only leads to stimulating the cuticle to grow faster. Keep in mind.. it has a purpose, it’s a callous there to protect your nail bed. This is where some quick daily attention will benefit the appearance of your hands. After you’ve taken a shower, take your towel and lightly/gently push back your cuticles while they’re still in a moist state. If you happen to have a few minor hangnails, it’s a good idea to nip them with a cuticle nipper at this point before they become a full, painful hangnail. As we have suggested before, Nohona Organic Coconut Oil is best applied right after the bath or shower to help increase your skin’s absorption. Taking an extra minute to massage the pure Coconut Oil into each of your cuticles, will definitely begin to reap one of the bountiful beauty benefits of Coconut Oil Cuticle Care.

My main suggestion here is.. every time you apply some all natural Coconut Oil to your skin, don’t forget to give your cuticles some extra TLC:)

~Peace from The Coconut Guru Girl