How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair is a very commonly asked question we receive. When Coconut Oil is below 75 degrees F, it is naturally in a solid state. This is due to the fact that Coconut Oil has a very high burning temperature. Nohona Organic Coconut Oil comes in a jar for the cooler months when it’s typically in a solid state. It’s easiest at this point to scoop out the desired amount of Coconut Oil with your finger tips and rub it between the palms of your hands to quickly melt the Coconut Oil by the warmth of your skin and apply it to the different areas of your body. During the warmer months, Nohona Organic Coconut Oil comes in a bottle. If at any time the Coconut Oil in the bottle does cool down and solidify, it can be quickly melted back into a liquid by placing the bottle in a cup of hot water, sitting it in sunlight, or letting the bottle sit at the bottom of the shower while it’s running. Never place a container of Coconut Oil in the microwave. The microwave will not only warp the plastic container, it will also destroy the molecular structure of the product, or it could cause the Coconut Oil to become too hot.. leading you to burning yourself.

As a body moisturizer, we recommend a liberal application of Organic Coconut Oil after you have stepped out of the shower & toweled off. At this point your skin is still in a moist state and your pores are open to absorption of the moisturizing Coconut Oil. The Coconut Oil will have a nice ability to spread and glide over your skin while it is still warmed by the shower or bath. If you have just shaved, the Lauric Acid of the Coconut Oil helps to reduce inflammation of any razor burn. Also, if any nicks or cuts may have happened, the Vitamin E in the Coconut Oil will help promote healing, as well.

As an intensive hair conditioner, about 2-4 Tbls may be combed through the hair at night before bed. Wash out the residue of the Coconut Oil in the morning, leaving your hair soft, shiny and manageable. After your hair has been styled in the morning, a very small amount may be used on the ends to help tame frizzy ends or fly aways, acting as a very light styling aide. Be very careful not to apply too much, though. Even though the Coconut Oil has an amazing ability to penetrate into the hair cuticle, it can only absorb so much. Too much of the Coconut Oil can leave the hair appearing greasy.

Dry cuticles and feet love Coconut Oil. The small molecular structure of the Coconut Oil allows it to penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin, without leaving a heavy, oily residue on the surface of the skin.

Stubborn waterproof eye makeup is quickly and thoroughly removed with Organic Coconut Oil. Again, the small molecular structure of the Coconut Oil will not clog the pores of the delicate skin around the eye area.

Cuts, burns, and scrapes should all receive an immediate application of Coconut Oil to help speed up the healing process, by slowing down the inflammation quickly. Regularly apply the Coconut Oil to the wound as it’s in the healing stage and afterwards to help prevent a scar from forming, too.

The Coconut Guru Girl’s favorite application? Morning and nightly as a neck and decollete treatment product. The skin will appear more smoothe, soft, supple and the appearance/formation of cleavage wrinkles will lessen. The skin of the neck & chest is an extension of your facial skin, so NEVER neglect your neck!

Organic Coconut Oil has many, many useful applications. Get creative, you may find a new favorite and please do share if you do;)

~Peace from the Coconut Guru Girl