Painful blisters.. More Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil, nature’s pure healing salve

Painful blisters.. More Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil, nature’s pure healing salve. The other night I found out my new Fall boots were not made for walking. Two of the largest blister’s I have ever seen, developed on the skin of my toe and heel. One blister had burst open, one had remained in tact. Of course, I instantly applied my Nohona Organic Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair to the skin and repeatedly did so throughout the day. The best action to take to ensure the  rapid recovery of  blisters on your skin is this…

Leave it alone! Whether the blister has formed due to friction, heat, pinching or disease..the skin needs to be left alone. The skin itself acts as nature’s band-aid. A blister forms when the layer of skin called the stratum lucidum has been caused to tear away and the space has been filled with plasma. The plasma allows for new growth of cells and connective skin tissue to form. If this bubble of skin is broken, your body’s natural protective barrier from infection is left wide open.

Next..regularly applying all natural Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil will help, due to it’s high Lauric Acid content. The Organic Coconut Oil naturally has anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties, which will speed up the healing process of your blisters on your skin. The Coconut Oil’s high Vitamin E content will help promote the healing.

Soo, the next time you are out on the town in your new boots… make sure you have your Nohona Organic Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair ready to go the next day, to keep your skin soft and supple!

~Peace from the Coconut Guru Girl