Customer Testimonials and Rave Reviews about Nohona Coconut Oil

For years I have been using coconut oil as an all over body moisturizer. I have experienced many people commenting on how SOFT and SMOOTH my skin is!! I apply an extra amount on my neck and decollete and I have noticed a significant improvement in the texture and elasticity. As a side sleeper, I wake up and have no cleavage wrinkles. Also, I get complemented on how good I smell, naturally!



Psoriasis, a genetic skin disorder I inherited, flared up all over my body appearing as red, itchy patches of skin. I regularly and liberally applied Nohona Organic Coconut Oil to my skin over the anti-itch medication from my doctor and it completely cleared. I use Nohona as my daily moisturizer and I have not experienced another flare up since.



Unfortunately, stress and sun caused a very bad herpes break out in two areas on my mouth. I liberally applied Nohona Coconut Oil under the prescription ointment. I could not believe the difference in how rapidly the sores healed, compared to when I just used the Rx alone. Amazing!!



While removing cookies from the oven, I accidentally hit my arm on the hot oven rack. My skin quickly began to blister and get very red. I applied Nohona’s Organic Coconut Oil to the wound and it calmed the inflammation, healing my skin, leaving no scar behind!



My blonde, over processed hair was feeling like a horse tail! I was recommended to use organic coconut oil every other night for a week. I slept with 4 tablespoons of Nohona’s Oil in my long, thick hair, washed it out in the morning and styled it as usual. I noticed a remarkable difference in the manageability and softness in my hair. Now, after applying it to my body, I also run the residual amount left on my hands, through the ends of my hair. It leaves a beautiful shine… I love the scent that is left in my hair, too.



My mother had knee replacement surgery. At 80, she’s slow to heal from a major surgery. And because she didn’t feel well at all for the first month, she was in bed almost the entire time. In addition, her skin is thin, dry and not elastic – no way to bounce back quickly from wounds.  She developed the precursor to a bedsore at her tailbone, which was painful and irritating. This was a small open sore, with red irritated skin surrounding it. Her doctor prescribed an antiseptic ointment used to treat impetigo. After the second day, the ointment began to hurt, not help her. She asked what she could use that would make her skin feel better.

There was the trusty jar of Nohona coconut oil on the bathroom counter. In order to relieve the stinging pain that the prescribed ointment was creating, she used the coconut oil for relief. Coconut oil is known to be anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, but we didn’t expect what happened next. Not only did the oil relieve the pain, but it actually cleared up the sore area. She stopped using the antiseptic ointment and just used coconut oil to heal the skin. It worked like a charm, without any side effects.